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Daypacks are Backpacks Perfect For Small Hiking Trips


Take a look around any high school or college campus and you will no doubt see multiple students wearing backpacks to carry around their books and laptops and perhaps their lunch. The students who sport daypacks certainly did their homework as these types of backpacks are perfect for general student use and much more.

It would be unfair to judge daypacks solely on their size as they still manage to sport up to 2000 cubic inches of space. Daypacks are designed to fit both men and women. These packs are perfect for students racing around campus in an attempt to get to class on time. These packs have multiple openings allowing you to carry pencil boxes, books and electronic items like laptops and tablets. They are also ideal for shorter day hikes and can carry water, clothing and food for an outdoor picnic. Due to their size, they are less cumbersome than the bigger backpacks used for overnights and long camping trips.

At Guerrilla Packs, we carry daypacks that are ideal for students or for those small hiking trips. Our daypacks are made from high-end components such as YKK zippers and buckles. They have multiple entry points to give you total access to all of your belongings. And our molded backing increases ventilation and comfort. Check them out today.

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