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Guerrilla Packs in Brazil For FIFA World Cup 2014


A picture of the Guerrilla Packs 50L Samurai sent from a customer boarding a flight from Rio to Recife for World Cup 2014 action. The model pack pictured is the 50L Samurai adventure pack which is the ideal carryon sized (airline dimension approved) adventure travel backpack.  

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Daypacks are Backpacks Perfect For Small Hiking Trips

Take a look around any high school or college campus and you will no doubt see multiple students wearing backpacks to carry around their books and laptops and perhaps their lunch. The students who sport daypacks certainly did their homework as these types of backpacks are perfect for general student use and much more. It [...]

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Benefits Obtained by Utilizing an Internal Frame Backpack

As an avid hiker, when it comes to the frame of your backpack you have two choices; internal or external. Simply put, you can choose a backpack with the frame on the outside or one with the frame on the inside. Now, there are distinct differences in these frames so you should be familiar with [...]

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Guerrilla Packs Strives to Provide Our Customers with the best Travel Backpacks

We thought it would be a good idea to give you a little background about our company so you can see how we stand out from the crowd. It began when our founder was living abroad traveling throughout all parts of Europe and Asia. These trips ranged widely as far as their duration, activity and [...]

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