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Benefits Obtained by Utilizing an Internal Frame Backpack


As an avid hiker, when it comes to the frame of your backpack you have two choices; internal or external. Simply put, you can choose a backpack with the frame on the outside or one with the frame on the inside. Now, there are distinct differences in these frames so you should be familiar with each before making your next purchase. After all, you want to pick which one is right for you.

There are several benefits obtained by utilizing an internal frame backpack. For example, internal frame backpacks don’t alter the center of balance, thus making this type of backpack more comfortable to wear. They also sit closer to your body, so it gives you better trail clearance. Here is a great benefit, internal frame backpacks are typically lighter in weight than their counterpart. And these type of backpacks are highly adjustable.

Now, that is not to say external frame backpacks don’t have their own benefits. For instance, you will be able to carry heavier loads with an external frame backpack. These backpacks also tend to last longer and are less expensive than their counterpart.

As with any hiking accessory, you need to choose what is right for you. We carry backpacks to fit your specific needs. Browse our wide selection to see which one is right for you.  

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